Buttercup & Vizzi

I didn't intend to adopt a pair of kittens. I really did mean to just bring these cuties in, foster them, and then release them back into the world to be adopted by other loving families.

But the kittens had other plans, and they fit so well into our family. Well, our human family, that is. Aeris and Gwen were less than impressed, but we figured that they would get over that soon enough. (And they did, just ... not sooner.)

Cuppie and Vizzi have a great bond. They are two of the most loving, gentle cats I've ever met, and as much as they love their sisters, they love each other even more. In the year and change that we've had them, neither cat has really bitten or scratched us, unless it was a real fluke. If we're doing something and it annoys them, they'll just move their body part or put their paw on our hand. I don't know where they got that from, but I'll take it.

They still spend quite a bit of time together, though I admit that they venture out a lot more individually than they did when they were teeny tiny. But the world is definitely a better place when the other one is in it. Not a day goes by that they don't play together at some point, and stop to groom one another spontaneously. I've never had cats that liked each other this much before these two - it's so fun to watch!

Even though they are brother and sister, they are two very different cats. The easiest way for me to describe them is that Cuppie is Tommy Pickles and Vizzi is Chuckie Finster.

Buttercup is extremely social with both cat and humans alike. She thrives on attention, loves to chatter, and seeks out adventures. If she has no one to play with, she'll chase her own tail, or jump at the wall, or just roll around on the floor. I don't believe that "bored" is in her vocabulary.

She has a heart of gold. While she's super independent, when she does decide that she needs her human, that's what she's set her mind to. She likes to crawl onto your lap and suckle at your hands while she kneads you. When she was teeny tiny, she would suckle Matt's earlobe. Unfortunately (for me), she seems to have grown out of that.

It's not uncommon for Cuppie to follow you to the bathroom. Sometimes, it's because she wants your attention. Other times, she'll hop in the bathtub, and she wants to play a game with you. It's kind of like hide and go seek, from opposite sides of the shower curtain. She gets SO excited - but we can only play when her nails are clipped, because she may get a little too excited and poke your hand with her nails.

Cuppie has a really melodic meow, and she is usually there to greet us when we come home. The beep of the car horn seems to summon her. She then chirps and mews at you, as if filling you in on what happened while you were gone.

It's hard to boil down her personality into little tidbits. She's just a very fun girl who keeps us on our toes and keeps us laughing. I call her "weird" quite often, but I mean it in the best way.

Vizzi, on the other hand, has "scaredy cat" written in his dna. He's super easy to startle, and it makes us sad to see him upset, so we try not to. But there are things you just can't avoid. He looks like he thinks the world is ending when he throws up, and the other day I realized that he was freaked out by the 'swish' on my boot cut jeans. This baby boy could never survive in the wild, and that is perfectly okay with all of us.

While Cuppie will duck away if she doesn't feel like being petted, Vizzi has never met a rub that he didn't enjoy. (As long as it's from his people. Strangers are extremely scary.) He purrs loudly and easily. If he wants your attention, he'll flop in front of your feet. It's not that he necessarily wants you to rub his belly, but if you were to stop and pet his side and tell him what a good boy he is, that would be very nice.

He absolutely loves to play with his sisters. Cuppie is the best, because she'll wrestle with him, and they chase each other around until they're worn out or something is broken. (We're shocked that the tv is still standing, to be honest.) The best day of Vizzi's life was probably when he finally succeeded in grooming Aeris a little bit. He and Cuppie are both very persistent, which has served them well in gaining their sisters' love. From time to time, he tries to play with Gwen, though usually it's a quick swat on the butt from him followed by a glare from Gwen to let him know that she did NOT authorize that.

Aeris and Gwen weren't thrilled when they realized that these tiny furballs were staying here, but they've made our family so much better. By being neutral parties and gaining each sister's trust, they've caused the older girls to get along better. I wouldn't say that they're best friends, but there's a peace in the household that there wasn't prior to the 'kittens' arrival.

People will say that you should adopt kittens in pairs. I always thought that this was a trope just to get more kittens adopted. Perhaps it is, but it is also very true. Cuppie & Vizzi are the best behaved cats I've had, and I don't doubt it's because they've had each other to keep busy.

Honestly, we go through more food with four cats, and the poop never ends, but four cats has somehow turned out to be easier than two. If I can help it, I want to adopt in pairs from now on, because our experience with these two has been that good. They're getting close to a year and a half old as of this writing, and it has been a fantastic adventure with them. I hope that they have long and healthy lives, because they are so much fun to be around.