Whenever someone wants me to tell them about myself, I draw a blank.

Suddenly, it's like I've never done an interesting thing in my life. Same goes with the "what have you been up to?" question. I remember every nap I've taken in the past month and almost nothing else. Then I'm filled with shame because I feel like I should have an answer, and I don't. This is followed by panic, because I can't think fast enough. 

But since we're on my turf, maybe I can introduce myself properly.

My name is Sarah, kind of after my great grandmother, and not really. I'm left-handed, which is only relevant when it comes to scissors, computer peripherals, and when pens get too smudgey. I've lived in enough states for enough years that I stumble over a succinct answer to where I'm from. Currently, I reside in central Virginia with my husband, our two cats, and my parents live very, very close. 

I do some volunteer work with our local humane society, and I love it. You don't have to spend a lot of time at your local shelter in order to make a difference. Literally, if all you can do is go in and love up some cats, that is a big deal! People usually comment that they don't know how I can do it and not bring home all the animals. Look, I'm a really big softie when it comes to animals, and if I can do it, so can you. Just realize that these are not your animals, and you are just helping them be happier and pass time until the right family comes along. It also helps that our local shelter is no kill. I can't say what would happen if I lived in an area with a high kill rate. 
(Okay, I know exactly what would happen and I've seen that episode of hoarders)

Creativity is the other big thing in my life. Depending on where my brain is at, you can find me painting, drawing, or even writing novels. No, I have nothing for you to read. Sorry. 

I'm passionate about learning and personal growth. Someone said recently that when you stop growing, you start dying. That sums up how I feel about life. I love to challenge myself and discover new things and try to make the world just a little bit better.

That said, I have a small garden comprised mainly of succulents, some herbs, and the occasional plant that claims to be deer resistent. Either these claims are greatly exaggerated, or our deer are vengeful little buggers. I'm really not sure what the truth is.