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  • When Creatives Collide

    I'm writing this from a hotel room.

    It's far less scandalous than it sounds.

    My darling, beloved, married-almost-six-years husband and I are both super creative people. I don't know if this is necessarily rare, but I feel like I see a lot more creative/analytical pairings in my sphere than creative/creative. I think having so much in common with him makes our relationship fun - couples who don't share hobbies and passions don't make sense to me, but obviously they work out too.

    Matt is primarily music-driven, but he also really enjoys writing and dabbles in what I'll call "art" (drawing, painting, design, that kind of thing). Meanwhile, my primary drive is writing, followed by "art", and I also like to dabble in music. In a strange way, these things intersect and overlap perfectly such that I think we always have a basic understanding of what the other person is talking about, without getting in the way of each other creatively. This strange little diagram is how I can talk out plot crises, and Matt gets art for album covers. I really wouldn't have it any other way.

    But, as I've mentioned before, our current living arrangement involves us sharing the living room for our creative purposes. Despite his best attempts to give me a laptop so that I can work elsewhere, our schedules tend to line up just so that he's trying to record music while I'm playing a video game.

    I don't know a lot about recording music, and I don't retain half of what Matt tells me about the technical side of it, but I understand that the sounds of blaster pistols and lightsabers don't necessarily jive with trying to go through the delicate process of mixing. I try to be respectful of his space, and astonishingly, this isn't even a conflict. I'm just pointing out that a less tolerant person probably would have strangled me with his headphones by now, and been pretty justified in doing so.

    To be fair, he inconveniences me as well, what with his sleeping at normal human hours while creative streaks send me on something of a nocturnal schedule. But then he leaves a nightlight on for me, so I don't crash into things at 2 or 3am ... yeah, he wins all the awards here.

    I told Matt a couple of months ago that I thought it would be really super helpful if I could lock myself away for a weekend, without distractions, to get a lot of work done. Making such a request is difficult for me, because it feels so frivolous. I shouldn't need to go elsewhere, the bedroom should be enough - right? But the truth is, it's not just for me. I get to lock myself away, and he gets time to record, record, record, without wondering whether he should be paying attention to me.

    Granted, he does kind of get the short end of the stick. He has to stay home with the girls while I get blissful silence. But his recording gear isn't mobile, and mine is. Plus, Matt likes to be a homebody more than I do, so it's ... less guilt-inducing than it could be.

    He's working on an album that he wants to release at the end of next month (I hope I'm not breaking anything confidential by saying that!), and he's got jury duty looming over his head starting next week. I need to make some serious headway on Roselyn's Legacy if I have any hope of cleaning it up enough to query before December. Since we now know that our apartment won't be ready for a month further than we planned ... I think this is good. It comes at a good, much-needed time for us to kick some creative butt.

    I just know that, "Yeah, I'm spending the weekend in a hotel, five minutes from home" sounds pretty dog gone weird.