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  • Camera Shy

    Mikenna really likes my office chair...well, all the office chairs, actually. Lately, I've been coming home to find her snuggled up on there, rather than in the bedroom. I don't know why, because the bed is so much comfier and easier to get to. I decided that she must like the view from my chair better, since she can watch people.

    In her first year or two of life, Mikenna had about a bazillion pictures taken. Somewhere around year four, she decided that she'd had quite a lifetime of pictures already, no more, thank you. I don't blame her, exactly, but any time she sees the camera now, she turns her head in such a way that it looks quite coincidental...until you realize it happens every. single. time.

    Sometimes by accident, sometimes by luck, sometimes by amount of weird noises, I get her to look at me at the same moment the camera fires. But I'd been playing with my camera for a good half an hour by this point (not all pictures of her, in my defense), so she looks like a sad aspca ad here. Can't you hear Sara McLachlan now?

    Save this dog from her terrible, camera-wielding owner today.

    I wiiiill remember yooooou .... Will yooou remember meeeee?

    {Mikenna's turning 10 this month ... so to celebrate, I'm taking some pictures.}