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  • Too much to do

    I remember even ten years ago, if you wanted to watch a show, you had to sit down at the time it aired and watch it. If you missed it, you had to comb tv guide later in the year to find the re-run. If you were dedicated, you set your VCR and recorded it.

    These days, there is only one show I bother trying to watch when it airs (The Blacklist, if you're wondering), and even then, if we miss it, we'll watch it on Hulu later in the week. If I miss an episode of something, there's hulu, the network's website, netflix, and if all else fails, the box set will be out eventually. In fact, with shows often taking several week breaks in the fall/winter before resuming, it's usually easier just to watch things later. Shows and movies can be watched at your leisure.

    It's funny, because as these things become more readily available, I find them more stressful. My netflix instant queue is huge, because there's so many shows that I'd love to try out, either because they came as friend recommendations, or they just looked interesting to me. And there's new shows, new seasons of shows I already like, coming out all the time. Never mind that at any time, I can get a million different movies from Netflix's disc catalog.

    It's just too much. There is just no way I can watch everything I'm interested in, let alone watch things, read books, play games ... and I should probably cook and clean periodically.

    So, what's the answer? Declaring that we're not going to try any new shows seems a little harsh. Besides, if we'd done that, we never would have tried Game of Thrones, and that's one of our favorites right now. Canceling Netflix (at least the streaming portion) isn't really an option right now, because it's a great treadmill motivator for Matt. Do we just stop caring?

    I want to be more mindful about what we watch/read/play, and only consume entertainment that feels worthwhile. But that still seems to leave us with a lot. Something to think about.