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  • It's Novel Season

    It's Novel Season


    Be very very quiet.

    At long last, it's novel season in my brain.

    Truth be told, it's been 'novel season' for a while. I just haven't had the time/effort to put actual pen to paper. What you see up there are my 'cheat sheets'. I made a quick character creation sheet a few years back to help quickly flesh out characters. They're one of the first steps in novel creation for me now. I start with the tangible questions, and then flesh them out even further - but at least this way, I have something to start with.

    Also, please pardon the fact that I totally botched the word 'caucasian' on the papers above. I can spell - really.

    I can't really tell you much about the project at hand. In my brain, it started out as, "Oh, here's how I think I can fix my 2009 NaNo novel..." and then those ideas took off on a life of their own such that they're really not the same story. It would be like saying cake and pudding are the same thing because they both use liquid.

    I've got some good character ideas, however, it's the world building that is really fuzzy. I'm not sure where the idea falls on the sci-fi/dystopian spectrum, but I guess we'll find out.

    For now, I'm keeping the working title of the NaNo novel, just dropping the word "The" - "Zoe Project" ... in my notes, I refer to it as either "Project Zoe: Red" or "Zoe: Red". Why? Because it's a "redo", and I arbitrarily decided that I'd keep my materials color coded red.

    Oh, the random nonsense that comes with starting a new project. I love it.

    So, yeah. I'm finally (thank you brain, for cooperating, at last) working on something again. It's probably light sci-fi, I guarantee there's an element of romance in it (because all of my stories must), and my folder and notebook are red. There you go, now we're on the same page.