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  • The Quiet Life

    The Quiet Life

    Right now, the girls and I are living a pretty quiet life down here in Virginia.

    I've been battling a cold for almost a week, which definitely causes life to slow down a bunch. The last few days, I've been pretty pleased when everyone is fed and has access to proper bathroom facilities.

    Right now, Aeris seems content to snuggle under the blanket comforter when she's not near me. Knowing her, it's not so much a fear reaction as that she just really likes snuggling under blankets. (Even more so without the inconvenience of a human that might kick her by accident) I don't know how much that will change once we have more rooms furnished and set up. Right now, the living room is the best off, and the room where we spend the most time.

    Mikenna, meanwhile, is making the most out of sniffing around her yard. She hasn't found any exciting wildlife to stare at, but that's okay with me, because with a cold, I'd really rather that she did her business and let us go back inside. But I've noticed how much quieter she is here. Back in our Michigan apartment, there were a lot more things for her to bark at, whether it be a noisy neighbor, dogs outside, or her daily rant at the mailman. She's never been what I'd consider a 'yappy' dog, but she's so much more peaceful here. She barks for a minute if I leave the house, because she's upset at being crated. She barks when she wants to play, or lets out a protest bark if I leave the room and she doesn't feel like following. But that's it.

    I can't really speak for her, but my best guess is that she doesn't miss all the things she was barking at before. She's calm, playful, and oh-so-snuggly with me.

    It's a quiet life right now. I spread out my errands such that I'm not gone for too long of a stretch. We go visit my parents, and we take afternoon naps while I'm waiting to feel better. I like it, and I think the girls do, too.