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  • Gwen hearts food

    Gwen hearts food

    Koo and Aery are our vocal, highly opinionated girls. They are not afraid to tell you what they want and, most of the time, just claim it. Gwen watches from the sidelines, doesn't ask for anything, and looks a little surprised when she's given anything.

    Gwen is now just beginning to ask for something - food. The vet told us that she might have a decreased appetite this week while she heals, but she's been eating like a small horse. She's so hungry, in fact, that after finishing off her portion of wet food, she'll try to eat dry kibble, even though she's sore and not having an easy time of it. She dives into each bowl of wet food with the enthusiasm of a person who has not eaten in weeks.

    Frankly, I'm surprised I don't see "OM NOM NOM" floating above her head.

    This is how Gwen asks for food - she follows me out to the kitchen and watches from a distance. If she smells food, she starts tiptoeing closer. When I acknowledge her, she begins brushing around on anything and everything, almost dancing around the kitchen.

    Today, as I carried her food back into her room (so brazen Koo can't steal it), Gwen swished between my legs, looked up at me, and went, "Meoow?"

    She's vocal so rarely that it surprises me every time.

    Unlike Aeris, who will often leave wet food behind, Gwen eats every morsel and licks the bowl clean. I've never seen a cat enjoy food as much as she does. She's so much personality wrapped up in a tiny, quiet package. She is such a treat.