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  • Gwen's Scars

    Gwen's Scars

    I'm enamored with this little cat. She's five and a half pounds of love and sass.

    There is no doubt that tiny Gwen loves her humans. She talks our ears off all day with her trills and chirps. She appears to be testing the waters of lap cat, hopping on the couch now and then and sitting near us. Even if she doesn't sit on us, she is almost always near us, sometimes climbing on Matt's pillow in the wee hours of the morning, or sitting next to me on my desk.

    Gwen is also more than happy to gnaw and lick fingers on a regular basis. She is a very affectionate cat, in her Gwennie way.

    And yet, sweet as our little sasspants is, it's easy to see that she's been through things - and not just by her little visible scars. (Such as the one on the bridge of her nose, above)

    Some of her actions are subtle; she is a lot more cautious about jumping and walking on things than Aeris is. Things still get knocked over periodically, but I've watched Gwen double and triple check where she's about to jump. Generally, she won't jump on anything that she hasn't seen the top of and knows is safe. I think the only exception is my office window, and I think the only reason she tried that out is because she watched Aeris do it safely a number of times. Aeris, who has never truly known harm, is willing to fling herself at anything. Gwen is a curious girl, but very cautious.

    But hey, her cautiousness keeps her off of the counters. I appreciate that.

    Gwen's largest baggage is that she doesn't exactly trust Koo and Aeris. I think she would be perfectly content if she were an only cat, but that ship has sailed. On the one hand, she can sleep a few inches from one of the other girls, and she's fine. She'll even creep up on them while they're sleeping from time to time and try to give them a good snif. But as soon as she gets caught, she gets defensive and growls. She doesn't mind when the girls walk by her (for the most part), unless they look at her. Every once in a while she'll be a little bit playful with one of them, but she has to instigate it.

    Even when Gwen gets upset with her sisters, she clearly isn't out for harm. Aeris has learned to give as good as she gets from her scrappy sister, but nobody uses claws, and when the spat ends, they're happy to sit a foot apart and sleep. I genuinely think that the other girls make Gwen a bit nervous - she's probably encountered her fair share of unfriendly animals in her life. Koo and Aery, having lived in comfortable and loving environments their entire lives, don't know what Gwen's problem is.

    That doesn't mean that they don't love her ... mostly from afar. I can't remember what started it, but the other night, Gwen was really upset at something (I'm thinking Koo), and sat huddled on the floor, growling. Aeris came out and crept up as close as she could without setting Gwen off, and just sat there with her until Gwen calmed down. Today, Gwen leapt off the desk without looking as Aeris was walking into the office, and collided head on. She wasn't particularly happy about it, but she just gave an annoyed growl.

    I don't know if they'll ever be best friends - I think the trust that Aery has with Koo is unique to the fact that she was a teeny kitten when they were introduced, and Aery believed Koo her surrogate mama - but I hope that over time, Koo and Aeris will show Gwen that they can be trusted, and she'll let them into her bubble.

    Either way, I strongly believe that little Gwen is one of the best cats in the world, and every day, I find myself extremely lucky to be on the receiving end of her gummy nibbles.

    I love my trio of troublemakers.