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  • Sweetie Pie

    Sweetie Pie

    Gwen is by far the most playful cat I've ever had, and she's pretty happy to play by herself. She will stare down a toy, tackle it, flip it in the air, catch it, chew on it, and then repeat until the toy gets too far out of reach or she's otherwise satisfied that the toy has been maimed. Her favorite is this little crinkly butterfly. I think it's the easiest to throw because it's crinkly and not plush, and it probably feels funny in her mouth.

    She still likes to be around us most of the time - as I write this, she's been walking back and forth on my desk, taking turns sitting at each end. She does, however, enjoy a little bit of solitude. This privacy usually involves her curling up on a sweater of ours, so even when she's not near us, she apparently likes our scent. Cute little weirdo.

    She still doesn't really ask for things - not like her sisters. If she happens to catch your eye while you're feeding the other two, she'll give you this inquisitive look, "Me too?" but that's it. In my opinion, she seems more grateful for any bit of attention or special food you're willing to give her. The other two expect it, she still seems pleasantly surprised. In a way, it's kind of nice.

    Quirky is one word that would definitely describe her. When she's feeling playful, she's happy to grab your hand, nom it, and then jump away. She also enjoys running after you and tapping the back of your legs in an infinite game of tag. She doesn't always do that, but probably once or twice a day. But she really loves hanging out in the bathtub lately. Part of it, I think, is that she seems to enjoy the 'fresh' water that drips occasionally out of the faucet. But I've also seen her wrangle a bug or two and shove them down the drain. I do appreciate that - she's a better hunter than the other two, and she cleans up. It's not uncommon to think you've gotten to the bathroom by yourself, and then a little Gwen head pops up from inside the tub.

    Gwen is also starting to dabble with the idea of sitting with us - sometimes even on our laps for little bits of time. It's not something I find that we can coax her into. We can make the invitation, but it's all up to her. However, whereas last month she was pretty sore with me when I'd pick her up, she seems to be okay with it now. She just doesn't want you to pick her up because you feel like cuddling her - it has to be because you're putting her somewhere. But one night I carried her from the back room into the living room, and she didn't seem fazed at all by it. So she's either understanding that we have her best interests at heart, or she likes us enough to put up with us.

    She really is such a sweetheart, and every day I feel lucky that she's ours.