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  • Peaceful cat

    Peaceful cat

    Aeris hops up onto your lap or walks into your arms and lays down. If you try to tell her no, she'll just keep trying until you give in, or she gets annoyed and gives you a good chomp on the hand.

    Mikenna throws herself at you like a force of nature. You will catch her, she will give you kisses, and she will occupy your lap if she so desires. If you decline any of this, she will walk around whining like the sad dog you have made her, or sit at your feet and bark.

    Gwen will walk up and bonk your arm with her forehead, then look at you to see if you're going to acknowledge her. Whether you do or not, she'll soon lay down next to you, and that's that.

    She's such a low maintenance girl, and I love her for it. The other two are always demanding that we feed them, cuddle them, pay attention to them, play with them.

    Now, Gwen likes all of the above, but she doesn't demand anything of us.

    It's nice to have an animal who feels like she just enjoys my company. She's happy to just sit next to me and watch tv.

    I love my other girls, and I love to be needed and to take care of them as I do. But sometimes it's nice to share space with someone who seems happiest just because I'm there.