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  • Getting Along?

    Getting Along?

    Aeris and Gwen don't have quite the antagonistic relationship that they once had. That is to say, Gwen no longer curls up in a ball of growling and hissing whenever Aery comes within 10 feet of her. Most of the tme, anyway.

    In fact, the other day, Gwen let Aeris walk right up to her while she was waiting for me to dump her broth packet into a bowl. Aeris chirped away at Gwen, who just sat there, like "Yeah, yeah."

    It all depends on Gwen's mood, and how antagonistic Aeris is being. While they've made progress, Gwen still doesn't like it when Aeris appears out of nowhere, or decides to give her a good chase.

    One day though, Aeris and Gwen did something weird. Aeris would follow Gwen into a room. Gwen would hop up onto a ledge or stop somewhere, and they'd sit. Then Aeris would leave, and Gwen would follow her. No growling, no hissing, no fighting. They just followed each other around. It was the closest to friends I've seen them.

    That night, when we came home, I saw this.

    Both cats willingly spending time in the near vicinity of one another. It was pretty dog gone impressive. Maybe they'll be something like companions one of these days. If nothing else, I'm glad that Aeris has some company when we're out of the house.