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  • A few of my favorite songs

    Who doesn't like some music recommendations? If it weren't for random people expressing their love of bands/songs, I know there are many things I never would have heard of. So I'm paying it forward and sharing some of my favorite songs lately. They may not be new, they may or may not be popular, but dog gone it, they're earworms to me.

    I love instrumental music, and as it turns out, I'm a real sucker for classical-type music blended with rock. Is that even how you describe it? I'm not a music linguist, that's Matt's job. I just either like things or I don't.

    Anyway. Lindsey Stirling. Amazing violin and rock music. Gorgeous.

     I also love oldies. Oh boy do I ever love oldies. This song, Opus 17, ties the record for most chromatic key changes in a rock or pop song. That's pretty neat, but really, if it wouldn't drive Matt crazy, I could probably listen to this song on repeat for an hour at a time.

     Okay, this next one is a treat. It's ... I can't remember what the genre is technically called. Goth Rock? Goth Metal? Either way, it's probably the most 'out there' thing I listen to. It's that whole classical influenced heavy rock sound that I mentioned earlier ... Except more so. I think they're Swedish? You'll either love it or think I'm nuts.

     Here's an oldie but goodie. I've always liked Elton John somewhat, but when Rocket Man was featured at the end of season 2 of Blacklist, that got me looking him up, and this song really clicked with me.

     Okay,,here's another oldie. I'm sitting here chuckling because I'm imagining my mom looking over this list and groaning, "You are SO MUCH LIKE YOUR FATHER." My dad loves Elton John, Billy Joel and Gary Puckett, among other things, so, I guess some of that rubbed off on me. Sorry, Mom. Sorry Matt, I know this drives you  nuts too.

     This next one I did for voice lessons a couple years back. I'd never heard the song until it was recommended to me as something that would fit well in my range. Now I adore the song. I rarely skip it when it comes up on my mp3 player.

     Finally, Taylor Swift. This song is a real earworm. I liked it even more when I figured out that she wasn't singing about starbucks lovers.

     My music taste is kind of all over the place. :)