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  • Still Star Wars after all these years


    I think the first time I saw the original Star Wars trilogy was in the theater with my dad. Not the original run, mind you, but the re-release in 1997. It was a father-daughter bonding thing, for sure. He got to talk about how cool it was to see the movies in the theater for the first time, and how much they changed things, how revolutionary they were for their time period. When my dad is enthusiastic about something, I find it contageous.

    I fell in love with the movies. I remember being invited over to my friend Jasmine's house when the movies came out on vhs. We packed into their family room with this fairly small tv and an air mattress, and it was so much fun. Being a fan of something is always so much more fun when you have a cohort, and Jasmine was my Star Wars buddy. When our moms would go antiquing, Jasmine and I would wander around the shops pretending that we were Princess Leia and her handmaiden, trying to rendevous with Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, dodging stormtroopers, and helping out the rebel alliance.

    Unlike most people, I don't mind the prequels. I saw The Phantom Menace on my thirteeth birthday, and I found it so exciting that these movies were being made that I thought would never be made. I'm not big on debating, but my opinion is that all the Star Wars movies are campy. That doesn't mean I don't love them, but while they hold a big spot in my heart, they're a different kind of movie than, say, Gone With the Wind. So to me, the prequel trilogy isn't bad! I think that for a lot of people, especially those who had loved Star Wars for twenty years, anything Lucas could have come up with, especially when we knew how the story ended, could not have been good enough. Then again, I'm also a person who is more eager to like something than to pick it apart.

    I've never 'grown out' of Star Wars. It certainly helps that my sweetheart likes it as much as I do (and I consider this a great trait of his).

    We even had a little lightsaber duel at our wedding reception.

    (Sorry about the tiny picture. Facebook has failed me.)

    Now we've got this new trilogy of movies coming out, and I love it. I love that a new generation gets their Star Wars movies in the theater. Little boys and girls will have their own heroes to look up to, their own fights to imitate, and a whole bunch of new stories to come up with.

    It's a great time to be a Star Wars fan.