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  • Lull me to sleep

    I love sleep, yet, I'm not very good at falling asleep. I try laying there and focusing on breathing, counting, things like that. But if my mind is set on wandering, those things don't work. And if my mind is set on wandering, there's a decent chance that this wandering is going to lead me to the land of anxiety, if I'm not there already.

    I've been working on a bedtime routine, and that helps. I go into my office shortly before bed and fill out that day on my five year journal, and try to jot down anything on my mind for the next day in my planner. Getting things out of my brain before they have time to sit there and poke at me seems like a good practice.

    But that's not what I want to tell you about. Not really. I love listening to podcasts when I fall asleep. I use my tablet and stick it under my pillow so that I can hear it pretty well, but it's muffled enough so that it won't bother Matt. But the problem is that either I fall asleep to a podcast I love, which makes me sad, because I want to listen to it, or I try to find a podcast that is mildly interesting - and then I end up enjoying that podcast too.

    So when I saw this podcast that claimed to help you fall asleep, I thought it was worth a shot.

    Sure enough, this podcast is sleep magic. I'm not kidding. This guy's voice knocks me out like a light. Most episodes run for around an hour - I'm not sure I've ever lasted more than fifteen minutes, if that. I don't think I make it past the announcements most of the time.

    It is my favorite podcast because it knocks me out so well. And nothing he talks about is so interesting that I feel like I'm missing out. He says that the podcast is designed to distract your brain so that you're listening to the podcast and not thinking so that you can fall asleep, and, well, it works. I can't stress this enough - it puts me out like a light.

    If you're interested in trying it out, here's a link.

    Sleep with me podcast

    He's launching a patreon later this month, and I plan on backing it, because it's one of the most useful things I've discovered in a long time.