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  • Springing Along

    Springing Along

    Finally, even if it's not officially spring, it's starting to really feel like it. 

    I know, at least some of you are probably thinking, "Come on, you had such a mild winter. It snowed what, twice? How can you possibly be excited about spring?"

    But there's something different about this. Warm days in winter feel like an anomaly. You can't feel fully excited about them, because behind each warm day lurks the possibility of a frozen disaster to make up for it. Even when it's warm in winter, it's still winter.

    But now the birds are singing in the morning. Little flowers are starting to poke through the ground, and stores are selling spring and summer furniture in full force. Even the warmth feels different. It feels like it's here to stay. It feels optimistic. 

    I've started taking Koo outside to sit on the swing with me. She loves being outside with every fiber of her little westie soul. Left to her own devices though, she would wander into mud and tall grass where she really shouldn't go - if for no other reason than I have zero desire to spend the rest of the day picking ticks off of her. 

    The swing is a good compromise. She gets to be outside, she gets to be close to me (trust me, she loves that) and I don't have to spend the whole time saying, "KOO, NO." 

    So I bought a couple outdoor pillows to make it a little more fun out there. It might have been a waste of money. I don't know. But I'm really excited about little things like outdoor pillows and bird feeders and pots of plants - the things I never got to have in our apartment.

    We've been doing something that resembles spring cleaning. We're re-organizing, bit by bit, finding things that we can donate or part with in another way. Dusting, deep cleaning the floors. Breathing new life into our living area. 

    It's nice. Spring has always been my favorite season. It feels like a new beginning each year, a celebration of having survived winter. Even in a relatively mild winter, it still feels like a victory.