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  • An evening with Elton

    An evening with Elton

    Growing up, I remember my dad putting on cds and turning them up. The two artists I most closely associate with my dad are Elton John and Billy Joel. His love for them, and for music in general, definitely rubbed off on me.

    Back in November, I saw via our local news that Elton John was going to be in Roanoke in March. So I thought, wouldn't it be amazing to take my dad to see Elton John in concert? My dad has been to a lot of concerts, but I had no idea that he'd never seen Elton John! I mean, sometimes I feel like you can't turn on a 70's station without my dad saying, "Oh, I saw them in concert at ...." 

    So I was even more excited when tickets weren't prohibitively expensive. I gave them to him on Christmas (it's a miracle that I waited that long - I am terrible at waiting to give presents) as an early birthday present. 

    Friday was, finally, the day of the concert. Having had the tickets for so long, it felt like it was this nebulous thing that would supposedly happen, but not really. 

    I have to say, it was an amazing show. Elton John is an amazing pianist and musician. Sometimes I'll watch someone who is good at their craft and feel inspired to do it myself. Not so with Elton John. Watching him on the piano, I thought, no, he can rock the piano. I'll go be good at something else. 

    He played a great selection of songs - most of which I was familiar with, all of which my dad knew. He even included some songs that definitely weren't hits, but that my dad knew and loved. I won't lie, it made me feel like it was a concert tailored just for my dad. 

    My dad went to several concerts with me for my favorite bands when I was a teenager. I can't tell you how happy I am to have taken him to a concert for one of his favorite artists. Seriously, words escape me. That night is going to live long in my memory.

    Now, I just need to cross my fingers for Billy Joel to make his way over here.