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  • Grumpy Gwen

    Grumpy Gwen

    Good grief. Gwen can look like such a grump. She's got the "do not care" glare down pat. I think she must have spent those two years at the humane society perfecting it.

    I feel like it's hard to catch the real Gwen on camera. She's a fairly active cat, following us around, darting around the house, jumping out and playing tag. It's hard to get good pictures of her because she's always moving - unless she's sleeping, or perched. And if she's just perched on the couch, that's when she looks like a grump - because she's probably just woken up, and does not understand for the life of her why I'm putting my phone in her face. 

    This is not the face I see when I hear "MAO?" and look over to find Gwen standing on the bed next to me. Or when she jumps out and tags my leg. 

    The real Gwen is wide eyed and inquisitive. She's got sassy peridot eyes that watch things carefully. The real Gwen isn't grumpy at all (except for when her sister is being a pest). 

    Even when Gwen looks grumpy, when she realizes that you want to pet her, she's more than happy to meet your hand halfway for a head bonk. Someday, I have to dig out my real camera and take some pictures of Gwen. Maybe then I can capture our little miss sassypants.