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  • Where she fits, she sits

    Where she fits, she sits

    Lately, in the adventures of the calico kitty, Gwen has been testing out the world of sitting on laps.

    After 14 months with us, she has suddenly decided that our laps are pretty awesome. We're pretty happy with this development, but it's led to several instances of her perching on things that were already on our laps. Sometimes it's notebooks, sometimes it's computers or books. She doesn't really care. When she decides it's time for lap sits, that's all there is to it.

    One night, she conked out on the keyboard of my netbook while I was trying to use it. She stayed there so long that Matt turned out the light and went to bed. Gwen just cozied up to the screen, and I admit, I wondered if cats could tan.

    Gwen's also tried out other places to perch. For a couple days, she seemed pretty content in Mikenna's crate. I don't know why she was suddenly so interested - the crate has not moved or changed in ages.

    Comic books are also fair game for napping. At least she has good taste.