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  • What's in a name?

    What's in a name?

    I went down the rabbit hole the other night as I laid in bed, thinking about how my trio of troublemakers ended up with their names. 

    Mikenna Oncha - When I brought home this tiny westie puppy, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. At first, I dubbed her "Fiona" after the character in Shrek. I'm not sure what made me think of that, but I know my mom wasn't crazy about it. Must be they knew I wasn't completely set on the name, because sometime later that night, my dad showed me a post it note with some names scrawled on it. He said that they were Welsh, Scottish, or something close to what her breed was from. It was almost thirteen years ago now, so I don't remember that detail exactly. Nor do I remember most of what was written on that post it. For all I know, my dad made up a bunch of stuff. 

    The name "Kenna" was on there, beside it, the alleged meaning "Beloved". Being in spanish class at the time, I thought I would be really clever and drop the prefix "mi" in front of it to make the name mean "my beloved". I've never been able to verify Kenna meaning beloved, but at the time, that's what I thought it meant and I thought it was really clever. 

    Also on that list was "Oncha", supposedly meaning "Mighty dog" - which again, I totally can't verify now. So she became "Mikenna Oncha" - my beloved mighty dog. Even if those words mean nothing like what I thought they meant, she has certainly lived up to the intention. 

    Aeris Beatrice - I had a tiny six week old kitten in my arms and a big problem: my husband didn't like cats. Here I was, bringing one home. I knew I had to make my husband fall in love with this cat if she had any chance of sticking around. So I thought, what if I named her after a final fantasy 7 character? We had been playing through that game, and I knew he loved it, so maaaybe that would work. 

    She was so quiet and sweet, I thought that Aeris would be the best fit. 

    In hindsight, I think Tifa or Yuffie would have been more appropriate for her personality, but at the time this seemed perfect. I even suggested the Japanese version "Aeris" rather than the Americanized "Aerith" because I was that dedicated to keeping this kitten. 

    I don't know if the name played any role in her staying, but it stuck. Her middle name came somewhat later, when I discovered what a little bundle of jumping and energy she was. I kept calling her a jumping bean, and wondered what would a good name that kinda sounded like "bean" would be. Somehow, Beatrice popped into my head and that also stuck. We've had Aery Bean long enough that I no longer associate her video game origins with her. 

    Gwendolyn Stacy - I relinquished naming control to Matt for her, which was hard for me, because I was afraid he would pick out the worst name ever. I love picking out names. If I could sell my services as a professional baby namer, I totally would. 

    Matt has been into comic books for a couple years now, and one thing he had talked about was how they brought back Peter Parker's fridged girlfriend and gave her spider powers in an alternate universe. He wanted to name her after Spider Gwen.

    I think the name fits her perfectly. 

    Honestly, I think all their names fit them. I can't imagine calling them anything else.