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  • With Apologies

    With Apologies

    As most of you who follow this blog know, Mikenna was diagnosed with heart failure on Friday. Right now, she's doing really well. The medicines showed pretty good improvement in getting some fluid off of her chest in the first night, so that's good. Once we got the fluid off, we were able to see that her heart isn't -as-bad as initially thought. 

    That said, my baby girl is still dying. We go back to the vet on Friday to see how much a week's worth of medicine has done for her. If it continues to work well for her, we may very well get more good time with her - and right now, we're cautiously opimistic that this is the case. But still, heart failure is heart failure. We could get two years if we're extremely lucky. A year would be phenomenal. Six months is the average, but dogs who respond to ace inhibitors tend to do better. You just don't know.

    So all that to say, I'm not going to worry about blogging this week. I'm going to use the posts I had to buffer my queue a little bit, and let myself work on taking care of myself and my Koo. 

    Regular posts will resume July 6th, barring further complications. :)