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  • Thirteen years of Koo

    Thirteen years of Koo

    Yesterday Mikenna turned thirteen years old. While I'm usually more wordy, I decided that the best tribute I could think of would be to share some pictures. So I pulled out one for each year of her life. Enjoy!

    2003: Mikenna was born on August 7th, and I brought her home on October 5th. This picture is from that day.


    2005: This year, she met one of her favorite people.

    2006: She would probably live outside if we'd let her.

    2007:  Mikenna has always been a good big sister, even if she doesn't ADORE Aeris the same way she's adored.


    2009:  Aeris makes a pretty good pillow, at least.

    2010: This girl loves her Matty VERY much





    2015: At least when you get a sister who is already grown up, they're more low key. Mostly.


    It feels like I've known her forever and for a moment. But she's been an incredible blessing and I can honestly say I've never loved an animal more. Whether she lives one more day or one thousand years, she will always be a part of my heart.