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  • Koo at Thirteen

    Koo at Thirteen

    My baby girl. She has no teeth, an enlarged heart, her knee caps seem to slip out more easily, and I'm pretty sure she's got some arthritis going on in her front legs.

    But she is so sweet. She loves to stretch out in my arms in the evening. She's one of the snuggliest creatures I've ever met. Oh sure, she'll wiggle out of my arms if she isn't feeling it, but more often than not, she wants nothing more than to snuggle in.

    If we would spend all day outside with her, she would be the happiest dog ever. Maybe she'd come inside for naps, but otherwise, outside is where it's at. Unfortunately, she lives in a rather indoorsy family. But I try to let her get some wandering in.

    I don't know whether we have any birthdays left with her. The odds aren't in her favor. But she had a good couple of days with us, getting completely spoiled, snuggled, played with, and fed special treats. Our next "milestone" is to get to Halloween. If she can do that, you bet your doggy biscuits she's getting a costume this year.