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  • My Type

    My Type

    If you'd told me that I had a "type" of animal, I would have assured you that it was not true.

    But when I took this picture of Cuppie the other day, I said out loud, "OH WOW. I have a type."

    Because, you see, when I snapped that picture there, I thought of the picture above. I remembered Mikenna laying on her side, fresh spay incision, looking at me with her charm and attitude.

    So apparently, I pick confident animals with lots of personality. Little firecrackers. I mean, look at Aery and Gwen. They may not be the same amount of outright swagger that we've got going on here, but those girls know what they are about and they stick to it.

    I didn't really pick Vizzi, Matt did. That must be why he's shy and sweet and nothing like the little hellions I bring home. :)