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  • Calming Vizzi

    Cuppie is such an overwhelming personality, it's easier to overlook Vizzi. It's not that he doesn't have any good stories to tell, it's just that Cuppie is an extravert who drips charm. 

    So here's a little bit about Viz. 

    Vizzi loves being brushed. If he sees you holding the brush, he'll likely stop whatever he's doing and wait for you to brush him, or flop on his side, whatever. 
    He loves to investigate things, but he lets Cuppie take the lead. He adores her. I think she's his security blanket of sorts. 
    He is pretty passionate about food. He'll come running if he hears the food bowl get filled, or if he hears the treat dispenser get kicked by one of the humans. It's a smart move, really. Get the treats, minus the effort. When he was smaller, he would sleep with his chin on the water bowl. It worried me because I was afraid he'd drown himself. 

    Viz does not love being held - not like his sister. Depending on his mood, he might sit in your arms for a minute and let you pet him, or he might squirm out right away. But he is the sweetest little love bug on his terms. Lately he's been "sleeping" with us at night. For periods of time, he'll creep up on the bed between us and try to get comfy. Only, being an energetic little kitten, he gets "comfy" for about 30 seconds at a time before he has to try out a new spot. More likely than not, you'll wake up to his motorboat purring in your ear. Then he gets tired of the whole thing and scampers off to a tried and true spot so everyone can sleep. It's really sweet, and at least on my end, not -too- disruptive. 
    He loves to play with his sister - and trust me, he'll give as good as he gets, but he's such a sweetie. He wants very badly to be besties with the big girls, and truthfully, his more gentle approach has won him more points than Cuppie. She has more of a 'bull in a china shop' approach to diplomacy. 

    He's a really good little dude. I think he would be far more timid if he didn't have Cuppie around, and I think that having him as a calming presence keeps her from constant trouble. They even each other out pretty well. 

    So, while he might not get as many stories or pictures - because I won't find -him- playing with the bathmat at 11pm - it doesn't mean he's any less loved. He completes our little circle very well, and I think that when he gets older, he's going to find himself with three cats who love him.