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  • Weeds like Kittens

    They keep growing. I tell them not to, but they go to sleep anyway and their little bodies grow. I guess it means that we're doing something right, but still. They're looking a lot less like kittens these days and more like miniature cats.

    Viz in particular is turning into a rather solid cat. I don't mean fat, I mean when I pet him, he's a sturdy little guy. Cuppie still feels like I might blow her over. I fully expect that next time we go to the vet, he's going to weigh more than his sister. He started out smaller than her by quite a bit (more than half a pound!) and he's done nothing but grow ever since.

    It's bittersweet to see them grow, but one thing is very nice - they're getting less fragile. I worry less about rolling over on one of them in the middle of the night, or breaking their little kitty paws if I step on them. (Seriously guys, get out from under my feet, wouldja?)

    Side note on Cuppie's picture: That's Aery's perch she's in, and this is the first day she's been able to reach it. She just settled in like she's always had that perch, and I have this feeling that she and Aery are going to be tussling for supremacy in the coming months.