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  • Happy 10th, Aeris

    So the story goes, once upon a time, a girl went to a grocery store. On the way out, a lady was handing out kittens for free. The lady said that she was going to take these kittens to the shelter if she couldn't find them homes that day. It had been a long time since the girl had held a kitten, so she agreed to look at one. The tiny kitty fluff purred and snuggled in her arms. The girl called her prince charming and asked if she could bring home this tiny kitty fluff. Prince Charming didn't know how to say no to the lady, so he agreed, even though he hated cats and was allergic to them. Lady brought home the cat anyway, set the tiny kitty fluff on Prince Charming's lap, and everyone lived happily ever after.

    This has been a big year for Aeris. She lost her best friend in the whole wide world, and gained a little brother and little sister. Today, she turns ten years old. TEN. It makes sense when I think about it, but it doesn't sound right.

    She has been trouble and sweetness from day one. I thought I was bringing home a tiny, quiet, delicate little kitten. (See: Vizzi) What I actually brought home is a goofy, vibrant, opinionated little troublemaker. She has made our lives interesting since her appearance, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

    To be candid, she's struggled in her own ways with all the changes inflicted on her this year. I believe she knew Koo was very very sick, and acted accordingly. She became very attached to me after Koo died. Aeris has always been a daddy's girl, so to suddenly find myself smothered was odd.

    And then there's the littles. She's made leaps and bounds with them since they came home. But they bring change, and I don't think she's very fond of change either. (Though to her credit, at least she's not hiding in the closet GWEN) She is extremely interested in the kittens, and will follow them around, plunking down in the middle of whatever area they're playing in. But then she'll sit there and hiss and growl at them. Such a little drama cat.

    Aeris is a beautiful, resilient cat though. We shower her with as much love as possible, and she usually bonks noses with the kittens at least a couple times during the day. (The nose touching/sniffing is an affectionate feline greeting.) And, having the kittens around has kept her out of trouble, too, which is downright impressive. Seeing Cuppie eat a treat that she snubbed has made Aery start to get over her pickiness. After ten years, I think Aeris is finally learning how to cat. When the kittens are older (and a bit more calm) I think she'll love having them around. Not that she doesn't now, I just think she'll stop trying to hiss at them.

    Whether Aeris is with us for another year or she outlives her little siblings, she will always be our babycat. Don't get me wrong, I love our current pride of kitties, I miss our Koo and Aery duo. It was special...but then again, isn't every mix of pets?

    We love you, Aery Bean. Thank you for tricking me into bringing you home. Happy birthday.