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  • Cats and Gym

    Gwen finally has normal thyroid levels, after three tries. It's been very tedious to find a way to give her the pills that is reliable, get her to accept the pills, and then find the right dosage. But since her initial number was 17, and she's down to 1.9, this is really good. I think we get to take a break from the bloodwork for a few months too, which should make her happy.

    Speaking of finally, Aeris is not only chilling out as far as the kittens are concerned, she's now also playing with them. She does still hiss at them from time to time, when she feels ganged up on, but she's taking a lot of it in stride. It's nice to see her more relaxed, and to see her actually learning how to communicate and play with other cats. I honestly didn't know if we'd ever see the day. 

    Cuppie and Vizzi are still growing like little weeds. I fluxuate between thinking that they're appropriately sized and terrified that they're part maine coon or something and will end up being enormous. They're a lot of fun, though. Cuppie has discovered the bathroom sink and is currently enamored with it. Vizzi is becoming a total cuddle bug, and likes to sit under our feet in the evening, which means that we have to be extra careful not to squish him when we get up. 

    Lastly on this random update, Matt and I have started trying to utilize our gym membership more. Or, you know, at all. Even though Matt's company is awesome and reemburses us for it, so it's essentially a free gym membership, from time to time Matt gets all guilty feeling if we aren't using it. So, we're typically night people. But here's the thing - going to the gym at night, even with your spouse, is kinda creepy. But I don't like being around people at the gym. (Total fat girl hangup) Matt suggested that we could get up on Saturdays and go early, which sounds good in theory until you remember that I loathe, with every fiber of my being, getting up early. But we tried it, and it worked out well, so somehow this has warped into a plan to get up every day and go to the gym. Early. I'm writing this on a Sunday night, so tomorrow is our first workday trying this out. 
    Why every day, you ask? Because, Gretchen Rubin points out that willpower is exhausting, and that sometimes it's easier to do something every day than to have to use your willpower for it. So if we aim for every day, it's more likely that we'll actually make it than if we aim to go a couple times a week. So we'll see. I'd like to get my legs stronger again, because that lessens the chances that I'll have another double ankle injury. 

    Anyway, the kittens are about ready to tear down the office door to get to Gwen's leftovers, so I'd better go let them in before I have a kitten riot on my hands.