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  • It's hard to be Gwen

    As I write this from my office, there are three cats in here. Gwen is eating some kibble, but stopping every few bites to look around and check on her crowd. Vizzi is casually watching her from across the room. Little dude likes to be where the action is. Aeris is staring creepily from the doorway. After all this time, Aeris still has a creepy preoccupation with Gwen. I had really hoped that having kitten friends would make her chill out already, but apparently not.

    Okay, I was wrong. All four cats. Cuppie was watching Gwen from behind the litter box, which I only clued into when Gwen walked over to the litter box and got this look on her face like, "Well this is awkward." Which it is, I mean, how many people gotta stare at ya while ya use the bathroom?

    Well, bless her. Gwen still peed in the litter box, while growling at Cuppie, who was three inches from her face. In Cuppie's defense, she didn't move. Still. Do you want to make eye contact while peeing?

    Poor Gwen. In trying to be left alone, she makes herself an object of fascination to her siblings. Cuppie and Vizzi are better about it than Aery, as they'll at least watch from afar and for the most part, back off when Gwen gets serious.

    I had to go up to the vet today and talk to them about switching Gwen to the ear gel form of her thyroid meds. I'm pretty sure Gwen caught onto what the twice daily "special treats" were ages ago, but has continued to take them because I'm her person. That said, over the past couple of weeks, I seem to have exhausted all of my karma from being her person and she's had it with this whole pill thing. It's been taking longer and longer for her to take the pills, if she'll attempt to take them at all. Even then, she's figured out how to split the pill from the pill pocket, and once she does that, she will not entertain the idea of a second attempt.

    Gwen is a very good cat. She is also a very stubborn cat, and has her own code. She isn't overly anxious to please you, treats are not particularly rewarding, and her favorite human interaction is head boops. When you interact with her on her terms, and understand her language, she's incredible. But I can understand why most would probably not see beyond her intimidating exterior. Vizzi and Cuppie are cats who are incredibly easy to love. Gwen has a learning curve.

    So all that said, the last week or so, Gwen's been extra reclusive. Mostly keeping to herself in the closet, really irritable when it comes to her pills. I resigned myself to the idea that I was going to have to talk to the vet, but decided to ride the week out and see if she'd come around. (Thankfully, it takes a little while for her hormone levels to creep back up, so getting half her dosage or so wasn't the end of the world)

    When I stopped begging and pleading and sitting there with the pill inches from her, she got happier again. She started greeting me at the foot of the closet when I walked in with her pill. She'd swish around my feet, chirp at me, and come over for boops and pets if I sat on the floor with her. I started to see my sweet little sasspants that I love so much. That's when I knew I just couldn't keep going with the pills.

    Gwen hates to be made to do something she doesn't want to do. Being made to eat something twice day that didn't interest her (and let's be honest, probably didn't taste all that great even with the pill pocket) was straining our relationship. Gwen already has trust issues, she hates change, and it's become evident that even 'minor' things (like us going away) upsets her in a far different way than Aeris. I want to keep Gwen healthy, but when there are other options available, I need to explore those for the sake of keeping her happy too.

    So I should be able to get the ear gel for her tomorrow, and hopefully that won't be a complete disaster. As is kinda obvious from how I talk about her preferring "boops" to full body pets - her touch tolerance varies. I gave her ear a test rub today, and she liked it. Hopefully she'll still be okay with it when there's a substance involved.

    I wish Gwen knew how special she is. I think the world of her.