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  • Gwennie Ear Gel

    So, since the last time I wrote about it, we did in fact get Gwen on the ear gel. 

    Does Gwen like it?

    Not particularly. Her feelings range from apathy to a stink eye, depending on how feisty she's feeling.

    But I think we can both acknowledge that it takes two seconds and is a lot better than sitting around for fifteen minutes trying to coax her to take pills. Plus, now she gets actual cat treats instead of these pill laden fake treats that I tried to pass off on her.

    As with the pills, we have to medicate her twice a day. In the morning, I try to do it while she's still sleeping or has just woken up, because she just doesn't care. I can slip the ear gel into her ear and she'll look up at me and I drop treats onto her pillow/blanket/whatever she's sleeping on. If I wait until she's awake and sunning herself on the perch, that's when she'll give me a stink eye. At night, I give her the broth bowl, and then slip it into her ear once she starts eating. But she's eating a broth bowl so she really doesn't care what's going on. 

    Regardless, it's been a lot better for both of us. Gwen has perked up. She's been a lot more social with all of us (kittens included). She'll let out a trill of approval if I talk to her when I enter the room. She's happy to give me headbutts and the occasional lick on the hand. Her quality of life seems a lot better these days all around.

    I'll have to take her to the vet in a couple of weeks to check on her medical progress. Apparently the ear gel metabolizes differently than the pills, so we have to see how this dose is working for her in ear gel form. Look, whatever man. Just don't make us go back on those pills.