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  • Stop shutting your brother in the closet, Cuppie

    Last night, Matt and I were playing Borderlands 2 in the living room. I kept hearing a noise that I couldn't identify, but made me think that one or more cats were up to something. So when a few generic "Hey, knock it off" calls didn't work, I hopped up and went into my office to intervene. 

    I found Cuppie standing by the closet door, which had been pushed shut. From her frantic pawing, I knew there was something in there she was desperate to get. So I wasn't too surprised when I opened the door and there sat Vizzi. Funny thing about those kittens - they're pretty good at closing doors, but they are rubbish at opening them. So basically, Cuppie shut her brother in the closet and then went 'oops oops oops!' when he couldn't get back out. 

    Those two, I tell ya.

    I took them to the vet this week, in their stylish new bags. ( They've definitely outgrown being able to smoosh in the same crate, so I had to figure out a new solution for vet visits. I could place them in separate crates, which wasn't ideal because they find being together comforting. Or, I could haul around a large crate for the two of them, which wasn't ideal because who wants to lug around a large crate. I'd looked at the bags before, and been intrigued. The theory is that they feel secure in the bag, but not super confined like in a crate. In my case, if they were each in a bag, they could still hunker down with each other and be comforted. (Okay, let's be honest. Vizzi will chill out because his sister is there. Cuppie is pretty much fine on her own.) 

    I was pleasantly surprised when the bags did exactly what they promised to do. The cats were comfortable and happy (as much as cats can be when they're taken to the vet). They behaved beautifully for their exams - Vizzi went first, and when they were done looking him over, he just curled up and went to sleep. The vet also thought these bags were amazing - it's a 'stress free' solution for cats who get stressed out by crates, aren't used to them, and so on. I'll admit, I liked the kids being the talk of the building - and not for peeing on someone. (GWEN) Speaking of, next time Gwen has to go to the vet, I'm going to try taking her in a bag as well, since she is definitely not a fan of the crate. 

    For the record, Cuppie is just a hair over 8lbs, and Vizzi is just about 9.5lbs. Since they turn 8 months old tomorrow, that means Cuppie is right on target and Vizzi is an overachiever. But he's also built differently than she is - I think he's just going to be a larger, solid boy. They both outweigh Gwen now, though. Poor Gwen.