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  • Movie Theater Madness

    Lynchburg got a new "cheap theater" after the old one closed down a couple of years ago. Our movie theater outings have gone up by quite a bit. We don't always get snacks when we go, but here and there we'll grab a box of candy and a drink. (Movie theaters make most of their money from concessions, and I really want to keep this place in business!)

    So I've been thinking about it, and here's my top three movie theater candies. Your mileage may vary.

    1. Junior Mints
    These are a good, solid choice. They're not overly sweet like some candy, and the minty flavor keeps you from tossing them back too fast. They make a nice sweetness contrast to popcorn, in my opinion. 

    2. Sour Patch Kids
    I would say that these aren't too sweet, but they are literally dusted in sugar. I'm pretty sure I like the blue ones the best, but I couldn't really tell you what any one flavor is. They're sweet and sour and fun - the only downside is that it's easy to have the box just about gone before the movie starts.

    3. Milk Duds
    Rich, gooey, and sweet. I like to suck on these until they're super soft rather than chonk through the tough carmel. Unfortunately these tend to stick together if you let them sit in your lap for too long, and they need a drink to go with them. But, I still like them every once in a while. They're a candy that I only get at the movie theater, which makes them special.