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  • 18 for 18

    Well, happy belated new year! 

    This year has been off to a bit of a gimpy start here. Hopefully how I rang in the new year doesn't predict how this year is going to go - I was sitting in Matt's recliner, the only person awake, and Aeris was snoring on my lap. I scratched her ear and wished her a happy new year. The festive little hats I bought for new year's eve are still sitting in their packaging on the counter.

    So, Matt started out the new year sick, and working a lot. The latter doesn't surprise me, the former does. I think of him as the one with the really good immune system, in part because he never catches anything from me. When he does get sick, it seems like it burns through his body quickly and he's done. I can't remember the last time (before this) that I saw him with a dragged out cold. 

    He finally got to take some vacation time last week. I'd like to say that we didn't go anywhere because he's been working so much, but 

    a. we don't travel much anyway

    b. we really don't travel in winter if we can help it

    Plus, the weather hasn't been too cooperative. As I write this, I'm on day two of not leaving the house because of snow. It's not that we got a lot, just a couple inches. But everything on our hilly road has iced up, and I just have no desire to mess with that. But I digress.

    We went out and saw a few movies, got coffee, went out to dinner a couple times, and mostly sat at home watching movies and playing games. Kinda like normal, except there wasn't a bedtime, and I got to turn off the light alarm for a good week.

    So it's only this week that it feels like I'm buckling down and getting back to the swing of things. 

    Inspired by an episode of Gretchen Rubin's Happier podcast, I made a list of 18 things to do for 2018.  I wanted them to be somewhat meaningful or at least playful. I wanted them to reflect me, and what I actually want to do. 18 is still a pretty big number if you're talking meaningful goals for the year, which is why some of them are easy, or a one time thing. I have zero desire to track 18 habits! In past years, I've tried lists of 100 things, and I think that's just too much. Even trying to make them fun or one time things, that's a thing to cross off every three days roughly. I'd get to the end of the year and notice more what I hadn't done than what I had. 

    Oh wow, you mean I didn't actually play Sims at all this year? 
    We never actually went out to brunch, did we?
    I never did read that book, huh. 

    So this allows me to pare down. I'm not going to share the whole list (mostly because I am feeling too lazy to go get said list), but here's a few things that are on it:

    - Organize the blue cabinet
    (The blue cabinet is in the kitchen and contains most of our small appliances. It needs some help.)
    Read 25 books
    - Set aside time one day a month to be creative 
    - Donate money once a month
    - Put money in savings every paycheck 
    - Find an exercise routine that I can stick with

    You'll notice that some of the goals seem really low ... 25 books? Yeah, last year I read 52. Be creative once a month? 

    My intention is more about doing things regularly. Set the bar low so that I can feel good about it, but at a regular pace. I pulled out my much neglected bullet journal to try and track things, because I love being able to check things off. 

    One more thing I set for myself : four blog posts a month. Hopefully that will inspire me to be a bit more regular, but if not, there will be something more on this site than there was last year.

    Belatedly, cheers.