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  • Four is Enough

    We're at a pretty amazing place with the cats, these days. The majority of the time, they spend time in the same room - even Gwen is currently passed out on the bed. She's been playing with the kittens now for a couple of weeks, which still shocks me. 

    What's awesome about the kittens is that they really like Gwen, even when she's a crankybutt at them, and they aren't intimidated by her. When Cuppie gets smacked at, she turns right around and plops as close to Gwen as she's allowed. They seem to understand when Gwen means it and when she's just being Gwennie. The fluffs periodically try to sneak up on Gwen and groom her, with very limited success so far, but I feel like at the rate they're going, they might just win her over. 

    The only downside to all this cat love is that when I say "you can't go from one end of the house to the other without stepping on a cat" - it can be true. At least one, but as many as three cats will follow me into the bathroom, which is smaller than most half baths I see. If they don't follow me into the bathroom, when I go to leave, they'll be flopped outside the door, like some floppy cat massacre. When the cats are full of energy, you'd better look before crossing, lest some cat smash into your legs or trip you up. 

    But all this is great. It's like the cats finally see each other as family - or at least as permanent residents that they're better off getting along with. I love having cats that want to be around us, and around each other. But we are definitely at our cat limit for the time being. We've got a nice balance that I don't dare disrupt. 

    As I write this, I kid you not, Vizzi is sleeping with his paw in one of my shoes. They're a weird bunch.