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  • Here, there, everywhere.

    During a chat the other day, Matt and I decided that I would take over his Fictional Discipline site. I want to write more (both blog & fiction), and the FD site gives me a bit of structure that this one lacks. Turns out, when you can write about anything, you find yourself writing about nothing. So I'm in the process of putting my own stamp on the place, redecorating and all that.

    I'll still maintain this site, such as it is. I'm hoping that if I'm writing more over there, it'll grease the wheels a little bit and I'll have more to write about in general. Right now, my personal life is mostly about cats. I feel a little guilty constantly cat-blogging, even though it's my site, and if there's one thing the internet in general seems to tolerate, it's cats.

    So, while I'm grooving to some Elton John, you go check out Fictional Discipline.