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  • Gwen and the Hurp Durp Herpies

    Gwen and the Hurp Durp Herpies

    So we learned this week that all signs point to Gwen having feline herpes. YAY. (Not yay)

    Little girl came down with her second upper respiratory infection in a matter of a few months, which makes it look like she's got herpes, and her immune system is probably a little stressed. From my point of view, I think Gwen got the URI, passed it to Aeris, who ping-ponged it right back. Whereas Aeris looks like she kicked the URI like a champ, Gwen ... can't. She had been 'kinda sneezy' for several weeks, and then the sneezing went to eleven and she turned into a goopy, drippy, miserably sick cat in the space of a weekend.

    We don't know what this means for the bigger picture yet. Hopefully these are just a couple immune system hiccups for Gwen, and after this round of antibiotics, we can go back to smooth sailing. But, if the herpes is a fact, stress can trigger flareups.

    Haaaaaave you met Cuppie? Maybe I should have named her "Herpes Stressor".

    I'm kidding ... mostly. I don't know whether/how much the little ones stress Gwen out. She seems to handle them pretty well, and even enjoys playing with Cuppie. So I don't think she's a problem. Mostly.

    However, I know that our trips up north are a source of stress for her, coupled with the fact that she now needs 2x daily medicine, and we haven't tried that whole thing with anyone else yet. We don't know whether Gwen will let anyone put gel on her ears, or if that will stress her out. If it does, we don't know if that, along with us being gone, will cause a flareup.

    So I guess we'll see. I told Matt that until we've got her figured out, we'll have to be prepared to cut trips short if we have to. Because let me tell you, Gwen is a little firebrand when it comes to medicine. She is pretty good with us because we're her people, and she impaled the living daylights out of my thumb tonight. (To be fair, I was shoving a pill down her throat. I'd be impaling people too.)

    She went to the vet on Monday, and writing this, it's Wednesday night. She's been a lot better today. She scurried around the house about like normal, and had a few words with Cuppie and Vizzi for following her from room to room. They were just really happy that she's feeling better. The vet is supposed to call me tomorrow and tell me that I can pick up liquid antibiotics for her, so that the next week will be roughly 50% less traumatizing. Since they only gave me three days of pills, I'll be calling them if I don't hear from them.

    From here on out, we're supposed to call the vet right away if she starts sneezing a lot, so that we can start antibiotics before she turns into a sad, drippy mess. I'm not usually a fan of LOTS OF ANTIBIOTICS, but if you'd seen sad Gwennie in all her drippy glory, you'd probably be on board with this plan too.

    She looked sadder and more pathetic than I've ever seen her - and I saw her with a mouth full of rotten teeth that made her not want to eat.

    Antibiotics it is!