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  • Impression

    It's funny how something so little can leave an impression. 

    It's been just about a year since Buttercup and Vizzi officially joined the family. But I still think about their brothers - Wes and Prince - often. I have to believe that those quirky little boys are doing as well as our two. Otherwise, I struggle with feeling guilty, and I really don't want to do that. Adopting all four kittens would have been irresponsible. Love will cover a lot, but it doesn't cover the cost of cat food - or litter. 

    That said, I would still like to foster again someday. There will never be a shortage of kittens who need some short term care before they're able to be adopted. But that will have to wait, because we really don't have the space right now, and we can't foster any more with Gwen. It's just too stressful for her. Since we know that stress can trigger her getting sick, it would be mean to intentionally stress her out, and to put immune compromised kittens into this space with her. 

    I had no idea when I moved down here a few years ago, just how full our family would be because of the humane society. While we've adopted three cats, I've met many more cats and dogs over there who are terrific. If you have any inclination to add a four legged member to your family, look into the shelters in your area. You may not find the animal that would be the best fit for your family on the first try - but trust me, you will find one. Go in less with expectations on how the animal will look and focus more on their behavior. The adorable hyper puppy may not be the best fit if you aren't home for 18 hours out of the day. An older cat who wants to bask in the sunshine all day might not get along with your toddlers. 

    You'd be surprised how something so small can leave such an impression.