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  • Go, Go Gwenzilla

    I write this having gotten back from Michigan 28 hours ago. (Give or take) It was the first time we'd left the Fluffs for an extended period, as well as the first time with Gwen on ear gel. She had been so cooperative with the ear gel for me that I wasn't too worried about my parents being able to get it on her, but I had my dad come down to see the process anyway.

    Well, Gwen decided that under no circumstances was she going to let these lesser-known humans medicate her. Not only was she against being medicated, she was violently opposed. I was surprised, because I honestly can't tell you the last time Gwen lashed out at us. She has her opinions, but generally seems to understand that she's not going to get away with it.

    Being as Gwen's thyroid is already out of whack, going a week without medication seemed bad. After talking with our vet, they had my parents bring her in a couple days to medicate her - just enough to keep her going while we were gone.

    When we got home yesterday, Gwen was obviously happy to see us, but I could tell by her body language that she wasn't feeling too great.

    She has a vet appointment in 3 days to recheck her bloodwork. Between not having medicine reliably for several days and my very strong suspicion that her dose was still too low, I took it upon myself to up her dose to three clicks, rather than two. Now, I don't recommend that you fiddle with your cat's medication. But her thyroid was SO HIGH last time, and with the intermittent meds last week, that the extra click can't hurt. I know that the vet would rather see her thyroid a little too low than as high as it was.

    After a couple of doses, she seems to be feeling a little better. I'm hoping for more improvement over the next few days, fingers crossed.

    We're going to have to talk to the vet about whether she's a good candidate for radiation. It was a step I didn't want to have to take, but if Gwen won't allow anyone other than Matt and I to medicate her, it's something we have to seriously consider. The longest she's "okay" going without meds is apparently 2 days. That's just enough time to get up to Michigan, sleep, and then go back home. It's either this, or we board her at the vet in our absence. I think a one time traumatic radiation process may be better for her than constantly traumatizing her when we leave. We'll see how the vet thinks.

    I have to say though, this was the first time we came back from Michigan and Aeris wasn't SUPER DUPER needy, following us around and meowing constantly for several days. Apparently she hung out with Cuppie a lot while we were gone, and it seems to have done the trick for not feeling lonely! I feel bad that it took this long to figure it out, but it seems that we finally found a workable vacation buddy for Aery.

    Vizzi, who is utterly terrified of visitors, played hide and seek the entire time we were gone. Turns out, he's honed his skills quite well. However, within a half an hour of getting home, he was acting more or less normal. Right now, he's sleeping on my desk, keeping my mouse pinned under his paw.

    So, that's all for now. Everyone is alive and well (more or less), and I'll take what I can get.