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  • Live From New York

    Okay, so where were we?

    We went up to Michigan in early August for my sister in law’s baby shower. Then my aunt died. Then Matt’s grandma died the same week. So then we made another trip to Michigan and a trip to New York.

    I got sick after we got home from NY and coughed up my lungs forever. I’ve been catching up on Book Club reads and doing Arbonne spas and otherwise life.

    As I write this (on my phone, not optimal), I’m in New York again because one of my cousins got married. I’m really glad that I got to come. Next month we’re going back up to Michigan to meet our niece and see Matt’s family. Then I’m going to try and stay put until spring.


    So, Gwen is a good candidate for radiation. We want to get that done sooner than later - relatively. It’s fairly expensive, we have to block out a few days to drive multiple hours to and from the place, and then there’s the after care. I’ll talk about that more another time. Basically, we need at least 45 days to have things be a pain in the butt. 

    As of last month, we’d gotten a whole tenth of a pound on her. We tried a wet food that she really liked at first but then wanted to go back to her broth. But I FEEL like she’s gained weight since. But I don’t have a good way to weigh her at present.


    Okay, yeah. We’ll put a pin in things here. Phone typing is not conducive to writing much. ❤️