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  • Peeling

    I lure you in with the picture of Cuppie, and then I talk about something completely different. HA!

    I feel it. That uncomfortable itch before things change. Like I’ve grown and now I need to shed my skin again. 

    Personal growth is a big deal to me. I constantly seek it out, I’m always reading (when I’m not physically incapacitated. I’m lookin at you 2019), and I feel like I’ve grown a lot in the last couple years. I feel more grounded, confident, and capable. Like I’m growing into a better version of myself. Not someone else - a better version of /me/. That right there, I think, is something it takes a level of maturity to get to - when you stop trying to be someone awesome, and want to improve yourself. When you’ve learned that /you/ are a perfectly good human, and you have tons of potential as well as limits, and you’re at peace with both. 

    Over the past several months, I’ve found myself a really great community of women. I wasn’t particularly looking for it, and here it fell into my lap. They’re amazing, and I wish this kind of community for everyone. We have different backgrounds, strengths, and are all over the spectrum with political affiliation. But there’s a level of love and respect there that is transcendent. Without actually saying it, we all decided that this is our tribe, and we will fight for each other fiercely. We celebrate each other’s successes and failures without making a production of it. One person admits to not wanting to wear a bra today, and another is having a hard day at work. It’s all good. Better yet, we all acknowledge that this tribe is an anomaly on the good end of things, and so we hold it close. 

    Something about this tribe and personal growth have hit this point where now I’m itchy. I can see these things that are no longer serving me, not because they’re bad, but because I’ve outgrown them. I’m getting ready to let them go, and free up my hands for whatever is next.

    It still feels sketchy in my head, which is largely why I’m not offering up details. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, Matt’s not going anywhere, and I neither plan on adding nor subtracting cats. 

    I need to create more, both words and art. I want to go for walks and do yoga and build strength. I want to love and inspire and be inspired. 

    I guess we’ll see what that looks like.