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  • Cats in Cardboard

    It became obvious that we needed to get rid of the beloved cardboard house we bought for the cats before Christmas. I taped it up several times to keep it together, but even the corrugated scratcher pieces had worn out. You could see where Vizzi sat on it, as it was the only part not scratched. I’ve been looking for another house for months now, and haven’t found a good replacement. So, I kinda gave up. This triangle had a hole in it and I’ve noticed that the cats like to scratch vertically, so I thought they’d be as happy with this as anything. 

    They are, in fact, happy with it, even when it gets knocked over. 

    I think this was the moment Aeris realized that she had made a grave mistake. 

    Between this and the plethora of cardboard boxes that come through this house, I think they’ll be content for a while. Maybe by then I’ll be able to track down another house for them. (HINT HINT TARGET)