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  • A Writing Analogy

    I didn’t mean to go dark for so long. The last month and a half though has been a lot. But I’ll leave that for another time. 

    I’ve been dabbling a bit in writing again. Don’t get all excited, I’m not going to be on the bestseller list any time soon. I’m just doing it for my enjoyment, which is still better than nothing. 

    But I had a little epiphany yesterday that I wanted to share. It’s really obvious, but my brain finally framed the concept in a way that makes sense. See, people talk about not trying to make the first draft of anything good. You’re trying to get it all down, and then you can go back and fix it. 

    Well, mild perfectionist that I am, I don’t -want- to go back and fix it. I want to get it right on the first try. (Duh)

    But see, I’ve also been painting more lately. (By ‘more’, I really mean ‘more than never’, so don’t get excited about that either) When I paint, I’ll either sketch something out and throw down some loose colors at first, or I’ll just do some sort of background color. I don’t worry about the detail, because first I just have to get the basic idea. I’ll go back and add more color, more depth, and then really zoom in on the details last. 

    So why on earth do I expect that I should write things down with complete detail and perfection on the first pass? 

    As I said, it’s pretty obvious, but the painting metaphor really hit my brain the right way.