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  • Of Cars and Clots

    So, somewhere in the last couple months, Matt’s car did what old cars that sat in Michigan for a long time do and pooped out. I wish I could say that this little car debacle had been resolved by now, but alas. SUPPOSEDLY, Matt is going to take the car for a second opinion somewhere, after he ‘knocks some rust’ off of it, because northerners believe that southerners “just can’t handle rust”, and this is why the car place doesn’t want to work on it. 
    I mean, maybe it’s salvageable. But I have a feeling that when we get it to the next place, they’re going to do a long whistle and either refuse to work on it, or quote us something that isn’t worth it.

    The theoretical reason that Matt’s car hasn’t gone for a second opinion is MY car. I took it in for an oil change, and they came back and told me that the tires weren’t in good shape. Since we were planning on taking a trip up to Michigan, that’s not a gamble I really wanted to make. So we got the tires done. Then the car started making this noise. So we took the car back, and they said it was the rotors. Soooo we got the rotors done, because I hate weird noises. 

    It wasn’t the rotors. It’s still making the noise. I was pretty excited about that. (The sarcasm is dripping off that like honey) Because the car is like a small child and WONT MAKE THE NOISE FOR PROFESSIONALS, we’re having a heckuva time getting it diagnosed. Matt’s dad has given us several benign reasons for the noise existing, and that’s great except that logic stops at my brain and doesn’t get through to anxiety brain. So, see above about how Matt’s car isn’t really driveable and my car is making noise, but it’s the only car, so there you go. I’m currently working on a theory that the air conditioner makes it worse. What that means, no idea. 

    But anyway, we went to Michigan, and long story short, I brought back the worst souvenir - a blood clot in my leg. 

    It’s not a serious blood clot (dvt), it’s a superficial thrombolitis or ... svt. Something. Anyway, it means it’s in a vein that won’t kill me, just make me uncomfortable. That’s where I’ve been for the last two weeks. It’s MOSTLY better at this point. I can still feel it in my thigh a bit, and if I stand for too long or sit in a regular chair, my ankle starts to swell up. It’s really swell. (Get it?) I’m debating whether I should go to the doctor and ask for blood thinners to clear the rest of this up, but because of our insurance, it’ll be $130 to ask that question. I’m really dreading the ER bill. I mean, I could kiss our hsa at this point, but I’m so afraid that the stupid blood clot is going to drain it dry. 

    Matt and I also both had birthdays in May, and then there’s just normal life stuff, like dragging the fluffs to the vet, so when all was said and done, that’s why there wasn’t much of anything here. 

    But here, I’ll give you a cat picture before I go. That makes up for it, right?

    He’s a very photogenic cat.