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  • In Which I Spy on Kitties

    Vizzi likes to play hide and seek when we're gone. It's problematic because he's really really GOOD at it. Last time, he definitely won - my parents never found him, and there was a tiny part of me that was convinced we were coming home to a cat body. 

    I've had the cat spy camera (not the product name) sitting on my desk since we got back from our last trip. I knew I had to hook it up sometime, I just didn't get around to it until tonight. I'm already excited about it. Not only was it easy to set up, but the picture quality is better than I was expecting, and the camera can rotate 360 degrees, up and down, and I can easily zoom in. As a bonus, there's a two way microphone. I can talk to the cats or listen in - not that they're particularly chatty. I suspect this will be a nice little stress reliever next time we're gone. I HIGHLY doubt that Vizzi will come out on demand, but hopefully I can catch glimpses of him long enough to know he's alive. (Or send in a thorough parent search party if I'm worried)

    For giggles, I'll attach the actual photo from the app, rather than a screenshot. It's not print quality by any means, but as I said, better than I expected. 

    And yes, my office is a disaster. I'll need to remedy that soon.