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  • We Went to Disney

    So, last month, Matt and I (and his family) went to Disney. It was a really neat experience, overall. There are definitely some things I would change if we were on our own - but it was a lot of fun.

    We stopped off at a hotel on the Florida coast on our way down. Our hotel room was RIGHT on the beach. We could hear the waves from inside our room! My only regret is that it was so dreary that morning. Otherwise, the view would have been so gorgeous. 

    Disney opened a Star Wars land this year, which was my favorite part, even without going on the Millenium Falcon ride. (Next time, hopefully) Here we are with our blue and green milks. They were more smoothie-like in reality. 

    Okay. I need to stop trying to blog from anything other than my desktop, apparently. It is not working well for photos. >.< 

    I was REALLY glad that we got the kitty cams before we left. Being able to snoop on them really made my anxiety better. It's so hard to find Vizzi when we're gone, but I caught him on cam all the time. Cuppie (pictured) was probably the most on-camera. 

    Most of my favorite pictures have my niece in them, and while I absolutely adore her, she's not mine to share, but I assure you, she's an absolute cutie. 

    Aside from Galaxy's Edge, I loved the Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant, Be Our Guest. I did try the grey stuff, and it was, in fact, delicious. We got to have breakfast there one day, and I decided to try their plant based breakfast. I'd never had plant based eggs before, but they were actually really good! The plant based bacon was odd, but edible. Each of our breakfasts came with a little tray of pastries, which just made the whole thing feel extravagant. 

    The Food and Wine festival at Epcot is really neat, too. We used some of our snack credits to try foods from different countries, and nothing we had was disappointing. Matt tried this ramen cup, and it was chilled - which was surprising - but had interesting flavor. Every country has their own little shop - major countries, such as France, have their own section with restaurants and more themed architecture. Also, every area is staffed with people from that country, which is flat out neat. As someone who is interested in world travel but intimidated at the prospect, it was a nice little world tour. 

    Our hotel was really nice. Well, let me qualify that. It's been recently renovated, and so everything was new and fresh, and THAT was nice. But functionally, it was a motel, and it wasn't the most soundproof. It took me a couple of days not to jump every time our neighbors opened their door. But considering that we were only in the room to sleep and shower basically, it did what we needed it to, and then some. I'd recommend it again in a heartbeat for a value hotel.

    We did a lot of 'character dining' so that Matt's fam could get photo ops with characters for the niece. Unfortunately, most of said dining is buffets. Now, to be fair, these buffest are still better than your average hometown buffet - but there's only SO good a buffet can be. Food still sits out and has to be shoveled out in quantities that don't really lend themselves to high quality. I wouldn't bother with these again, personally, though if you have kids, I can definitely see the appeal. My niece got a kick out of the characters coming to the table. I'd rather have been able to shovel food in my face in peace. :) 

    If you look up advice for Disney, you're certain to see this, but let me reiterate: do yourself a favor and build up your walking stamina before you go. Wear good shoes. No, not good shoes, wear REALLY good shoes. Especially if you have any kind of foot problem. We survived, not having done any Disney prep, but we went through SO many excedrin over the trip. 

    Anyway, that's a little bit about our trip. We're hoping to go back on our own at some point next year, but haven't pinned down a date. TBD.