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  • Better Vs Perfect

    Better Vs Perfect

    By the time this posts, Matt will be back from a work trip up to Michigan. I'm not entirely sure if he got any fresh air between Sunday night and when he flew home, so trust me, it was all work related. Even his evenings were tied up with post-meeting work dinners. Lucky him. 

    I'm not a stranger to business trips. My dad went on them with some regularity while I was growing up. So I know that, deep down in my soul, you need to keep busy. My mom almost always seemed to repaint a room while my dad was gone. My jam seems to be cleaning.

    The problem, as I've realized, is that I'll get things looking really nice while Matt is gone, and then he comes home, and the house explodes. It's so disheartening, as if cleaning weren't disheartening enough at times. (It never ends...My soul hates tasks like that.) My slightly perfectionist tendencies feel that if it can't be perfect, why do it at all? I mean - not quite literally, but surely some of you can relate to that feeling. You've done the laundry for the thousandth time and then you turn around and the basket is full again. Whhhhhhhy?

    Anyway, this time I've taken a different approach. Still cleaning, but I'm not bending over backwards to try and get it perfect. I'm just getting it better. Because better is attainable, perfect isn't. Better means that when Matt comes home, we can keep working on things to improve them. Perfect leads to the house exploding and wailing and gnashing of teeth the first time the dishes aren't taken care of before bed. (Again, not hyper literal)

    If I take a better approach and not a perfect one, I'm not spending ALL my time cleaning while Matt's gone. It means that I can prove to myself that I can make a nice dent in a chunk of time and still have time for the things that I enjoy. That mentality I can carry over to "real" life, where I certainly don't have the time OR the will to deep clean all day. And because Matt seems to follow my lead, if I'm cleaning for a small chunk each day, he will too, and the better approach gets, well, better.

    This whole thing made me think of a quote by Gretchen Rubin. I made it into a simple phone wallpaper, if you want to grab it. I really need to pick up some new fonts. Another day, perhaps.