• Hamilton Background

    I finally joined the Hamilton bandwagon a few months ago - I know, I know, I'm a few years late. I usually am, for some reason.

    Anyway, I was playing around last night and made a little desktop wallpaper, for those of us (me) who still use something other than mobile devices all the time.

    Feel free to save it and use it if you'd like.

  • *FREE* Printable Weekly Meal Planner!

    *FREE* Printable Weekly Meal Planner!

    Meal planning is so important.

    It helps keep us from eating out constantly, keeps our budgets in check, and provides some stability in knowing what's to come. (At least for me. I thrive on knowing what's going on.)

    I've looked around for a printable meal planner for a while now. There are lots of good free ones out there - but none that are my Cinderella slipper.

    I wanted it to be simple, something I could take a quick glance at. Many planners have an area for writing your grocery list on the same page, but that doesn't work for me. I work off of a separate grocery list.
    But I wanted it to have all three meals on it, because I find that if I don't write down breakfast and lunch, there's a good chance that I won't eat them!

    So I sat down and played with photoshop for a while. I'm happy with the results. If you'd like a copy, I'm linking the file here. Feel free to download it and print as many copies as you want. If it's useful to you, that makes me happy!

    Use this link, don't download the picture above - it'll be way too small. :)


  • New! Birthday party invitations in the store.

    This week, I'm very pleased to show you a couple birthday party designs.

    These awesome invitations are printed on budget friendly (but still lovely!) 4x8 photo paper, come with white envelopes, and come in smaller quantities, starting at 25 invitations.

    If you're planning a party or know of anyone who is, pass the word on these unique creations. I'm sure anyone who sees them will love them.

    See them here!

  • New! "Shop with me" section and graduation announcements!

    I am so pleased to start showing these to you.

    So pleased. I'm practically bouncing in my seat.

    As I mentioned last week, I've been hard at work on custom announcement and invitation templates, and today, the first of these is available to purchase.

    This week's theme is graduation.

    These designs are simple and lovely. Available in packs of 25, these are printed on professional lustre photo paper, and come with white envelopes. Starting at $20, they're an eye-catching, budget friendly solution.

    I'm excited. Please, check out the new shop with me page, or go to my etsy page directly.

    New designs will be rolled out regularly, so keep an eye out!

  • Behind the curtain

    I've got a very quick sneak peek for you of what I've been up to. (Well, besides organizing everything I can get my hands on)


    In the near future, I am going to start selling templates for invitations, announcements, and other cards. I hope to sell digital versions so that you can print them out yourselves, as well as a print service, where I get them professionally printed and shipped to you - easy peasy!

    I'll offer templates that you can customize with family photos, as well as ones that don't.

    I am so excited, and have been working really hard on these for a few months now. I don't have a release date yet, because I want to get these right before releasing them.

    I think you'll love what I've been working on, and I can't wait to share more with you.
  • Old Saws and Apologues - Satellite Reboot's Album Cover

    Over the weekend, I put together an album cover for Satellite Reboot's upcoming album, Old Saws and Apologues - or "Ol Saws and Applesauce" as my brain thinks of it.

    He told me that he thought he wanted something like a Final Fantasy logo - go ahead, I'll wait while you look those up. I'm putting together pieces of art for individual tracks as well, so I thought something clean and bold would be a good contrast to some of the more detailed work I've been doing. Also, abstract stuff can be super fun.

    This is the first thing I sent to him. It's not terrible. To this point, he's been using the little robot I drew for him a few years ago on everything - I really wanted something that would be easy to translate to avatars, business cards, and so on. I went with the gold colors because it screamed "mythology!" to me, and because I wanted to try something different with him - he often uses blues and greens, and I wanted to freshen it up a bit.

    It's not that he disliked it, but I don't think we've ever settled on the first concept of anything.

    A few more shapes later, I sent this over. I noticed that the FF logos had more depth to them, so I hauled in some gradients. I was pretty pleased with this, but he was still hesitant - largely, he said, because he didn't really know what he wanted.

    As a designer, let me tell you, that state is so frustrating to work with. When a client knows exactly what they want and can communicate clearly, it's a snap. Or when a client has no idea what they want, and leaves it up to your discretion, that also works well. But having a vague concept in mind, with no clear direction is challenging, because feedback can be scarce. It's not what they had in mind, but they don't really know what they had in mind. But it happens.

    So I kept working at things, and decided to throw some of the FF idea under the bus.

    This is what I came up with next. Do you remember back when Windows Media Player had those animations that changed to the beat of the music? That's kind of what I was channeling - that stories and music create patterns. It was clean, abstract, and looked like the futuristic mythology I was going for. I might end up adapting this piece for one of the track art pieces, because I hate to see it go to waste.

    There are a couple of the tracks in particular - Cosmogenesis and Lifeseed - that really embody what I feel like this album is. They're a fascinating blend of orchestra (or "normal") sounds, like piano and strings, with these crazy sci-fi synths. It's trippy and beautiful. I wondered what a trippy synthy space robot flower would look like. That's what I came up with. I tossed some textures in behind it, and added the lines - in my mind, it's a nod to sheet music.

    Mind you, it was also about 2 am at this point, so we're probably lucky that nothing was inspired by cats eating cheeseburgers.

    I tossed the text back on there, as well as a bit of color, and this is what I sent:

    He was thrilled, and so was I. I played around with the colors a bit, but I didn't find anything that worked better. In the end, it's a busier concept than I wanted to go for, but I think it's a pretty snazzy album cover.

    I just hope I did the album justice, because he has really upped the ante with this one. It's fantastic.