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    Gwen's Day

    Today marks our first Gwen's Day, one year since Miss Gwen found her home. (Or, more accurately, was unceremoniously placed into a cage, put in a cold car with relative strangers, taken up some icy roads, and let out in a weird place with two highly curious animals.)

    We don't know Gwen's birthday, or her exact age. Based on the guesstimates from the humane society and vet, she's probably somewhere between 6-8. I tend to think she's on the lower end of the scale, because the humane society's guess (the higher one) was likely based at least partially on the appearance of her teeth. I've read stories where cats with severe stomatitis (the auto immune disorder Gwen has) can require full extractions as young as 18 months, so her teeth would have little indication of her true age. Last year, the vet said based on her bloodwork, she may be around 5. So I don't know. She has a lot of energy and is really into playing lately, so however old she is, she's pretty young at heart, and that's what counts.

    Speaking of playing - that seems to be Gwen's new "thing". Aeris is a huge snob when it comes to toys. Gwen loves to pounce and tackle things - hands, pillows, q-tips, actual cat toys. Unfortunately, all this playing is leading to a new round of tiffs between her and Aery. When Aery sees Gwen play, she interprets it as an invitation to play, and it's not. That seems to be the way of things between the feline sisters - every time Gwen opens up, Aeris hopes hopes hopes it means that they're now best friends forever, and it ends in scratches. Give it a week or two, and they'll be back to respecting each other's comfort zones, and all will be well in kitty world again.

    Gwen has not ceased to amaze me this last year. As soon as the wobbled out of her crate, she began exploring and was a thousand times more receptive to affection. The humane society told me that I could expect her to hide in my office for a couple weeks. She was out in the open in less than an hour. I was amazed, and right then I knew that we had done the right thing.

    I didn't know what we were bringing home when we adopted Gwen. She has exceeded my hopes for her by leaps and bounds. In my wildest dreams, she likes to cuddle with us, and I'm not sure if we'll ever get there. She tries the waters periodically, but generally prefers to sleep on her own, nearby. I had no idea that we would need to extract all of her teeth, and had I known that before adopting her, I don't know if I would have gone through with it. I'd like to think that I would have, but I feel like I'm spending too much if I buy a $30 purse - $1300 in cat teeth is kinda frightening.

    I wouldn't trade our little sass for anything, though. I know we were a perfectly happy family of four before her, but now I don't know how we didn't notice that Gwen sized hole.

    Happy Gwen's Day, little miss. Here's to hoping that we celebrate many more Gwen's Days with you.

    (Gwen in the crate there was the first time I saw her sit up and saw her eyes! She literally did nothing but lay in a curled up ball every time I visited her. In fact, I was a little bit paranoid that she couldn't really walk or something. She was very stoic through it all. Meowed just twice on the way home. I guess she figured it couldn't be any worse than where she was.)