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  • Tis the Season for a Novel

    Tis the Season for a Novel

    So, I think I'm going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. The last couple Novembers haven't felt right for it, but I think this one does. It sounds outrageous, move 700 miles and then start writing a novel six days later. But hey, why not? When has writing a novel ever been easy, or life provided a 'good time', perfectly carved out, to work on a project?

    Nope, you have to make the time.

    Besides, I think undertaking something like this might be the perfect thing for me. It'll keep me grounded and give me something to think about other than moving. Plus, it'll get me out of the house and help me meet people.

    For Matt's sake, I need to meet people. Otherwise, he's going to be tethered to me by cell phone for the entire winter, and neither of us really wants that.

    The only downside is that I'm feeling really protective of the idea I've been fleshing out, and really don't want to try and throw that out in a month. So I'm going to have to hammer out another idea between now and then.

    It's fine, I'll just take notes inbetween packing boxes.