On Baggy Pants

I noticed that my comfortable jeans had gotten a bit baggy. I tried washing them, but they were still baggy. So I wasn’t too surprised when the doctor mentioned that I’d lost weight between appointments. Turns out, it was about 10 lbs. I’m amused, because a few (*cough* six *cough*) years ago I did weight watchers for a summer, lost about 20 lbs, and pretty much obsessed over food and exercise the entire time.

Since weight loss is culturally celebrated and somewhat mystical, I’ve decided to share my tips. Do with them what you will.

  1. Eat obscene amounts of mozzarella sticks
  2. Have a terminally ill pet – loss of said pet may accelerate the weight loss, but who knows
  3. Instead of exercising regularly, take an entire month off

Your results may vary.